Transform your warranty operations with Digital Age solutions from Atos Syntel.


Join Atos Syntel Senior Manufacturing Consultant, Namendra Belhe at the Warranty Chain Management conference for a session entitled Warranty in a Digital World on March 14, 2019.

Based on three real-life automotive case studies, Namendra will explore current warranty trends and outline a comprehensive strategy to digitize warranty operations. We hope you will join us for the session, which begins at 8:30 AM on Thursday, March 14th.

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At Atos Syntel, we help clients keep pace with customer, business, technology, legal and product trends by implementing a range of warranty solutions based on your unique business and technology needs.

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Insights & Resources 

Legacy Modernization in Warranty Management

In the digital age, manufacturers must minimize cost and maximize customer satisfaction, but large, complex systems create technology and business process challenges. 


Warranty Analytics for End-to-End Information Lifecycle Management

Whether your concern is high warranty costs, an increase in claims, or reducing  fraudulent warranty claims, effective analytics hold the key to making informed decisions and bringing stability and efficiency to your warranty process.


Transforming Manufacturing Sales and Service with Blockchain

The manufacturing industry is embracing digital transformation on a global scale. Automobiles are becoming digital platforms and shop floors employ digital technologies to manufacture these products.



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