To survive the disruptive forces buffeting the retail industry today, it's critical to implement the latest digital and emerging technologies. AI-powered eCommerce, mobility, blockchain and augmented / virtual reality are re-defining the customer experience and impacting merchandising, operations, supply chain and store operations. 

With 30+ years of experience developing solutions across the entire retail value chain, Syntel's services are backed up by real-world retail experience, reusable accelerators and customer-focused innovation labs.

Some of the cutting-edge solutions we have delivered for our clients include:

  • Helping one of the largest global logistics providers improve lost package tracking turnaround time by 95% using an image search algorithm
  • Reducing customer service workload by 70% by implementing a self-learning omnichannel chatbot for a large retailer
  • Implementing an automated, NLP-based email interpretation and processing solution that reduced turnaround from 15 days to nearly instantaneous, and reduced processing time from 10 minutes to 2-3 minutes per ticket 
  • Providing real-time tracking and lower reconciliation costs by implementing blockchain-based smart contracts for a global logistics provider
  • Helping a retailer record a 22% jump in field sales by developing a seamless, unified iPad selling application for their sales consultants

Below, you will find links to more information about our AI, blockchain, mobility and AR services.


Insights & Resources



Retailer Records 22% Jump in Home Services Exterior Sales

The client is a Fortune 100 home improvement superstore that was looking to streamline their lead to sale process by developing a new mobile app for its sales teams.



Blockchain: Platform for Industry 4.0

While the application of distributed ledger technology — commonly known as blockchain — has primarily been limited to financial applications, adoption in the retail and logistics sector is on the rise.



Artificial Intelligence: Creating Value for Retail

Over the past few years, artificial intelligence and machine learning have enabled many enterprises to dramatically transform their operations.



Augmented Reality (AR): A Next-Gen Disruptor for Retail and Logistics

Retail and logistics companies have been among the earliest adopters of augmented reality technologies. From trying out apparel in a virtual mirror to finding a prime position to place a beloved piece of furniture at home, augmented reality is making it all possible.


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